The Patriarch / Head of the Dynasty

Patriarch of Dynasty & CROMIT

The Head of the Babenberg Family and Dynasty has already been clearly identified in the Lex Vita Babenberg and has been a hereditary result since that time. Through the Declaration, the Head was also appointed in the remaining Function to the Head of State on a hereditary basis in the sense of the constitutional Monarchy. Within the Dynasty, known as the "Patriarch of Dynasty", the Function was maintained on an international basis also with the predicates "Imperial - Royal Majesty" (returning to the Carls Document). In addition, the Head of the State as well as the internal Family retains all rights and duties as well as functions, whereby he can have himself as Head of the Family, also as Head of State, represented in the course of Delegations.

From all Areas with Functions, a total of 19 Persons result, which are all together form the CROMIT, and this in turn form the direct Advisory body of the Head. All functions are described in the BvVG (Constitution) and put under control.