Carls - Council & Carls - Council Parliament as the Parliament

The Carls Council was established by the founding Agreement of 764 a.C. Established to support and achieve Prince Charles (later King and Emperor Charles) and led by Declaration to the Double Family and Imperial Council until 814 a.C., then only for the Babenberg Family.

The Carls Council is still the guardian of the Lex Vita Babenberg. The Carls Council was also set up by Declaration of enlargement, but in the second function remains a body with only a role in the internal affairs of the Dynasty. As a result, the Carls Council, as Parliament and Body, has a dual Function, which it is able to perform. Depending on the composition, the CR (Carls Council) and CR/P (Carls Council Parliament) will be able to take decisions and carry out their tasks.

In August 2025, the first public Elections will be called, the resulting composition of the Carls Council as a Parliament will be re-elected. There, a whole new Chapter in the history of the Carls Council will be written and a new awareness of Democracy is re-measured.