The Sovereign Dynasty Babenberg is a Dynasty and Family that exists since 414 a.C. and is historically covered in many variations and Names. Not everyone is aware of the detailed History, and in recent Years this circumstance has been and continues to be meticulously and continues to be published to the entire Public.

In order to preserve the essential Values, including fundamental Values, in this period, which has been becoming increasingly unstable for decades, it was already decided in the 1970s by the Carls Council (constituted in 765 a.C.) as a Family and Dynasty Parliament to exploit and use the possibilities existing on International Law bases in order to grant this important security from now on with International Law.

On the basis of the "Lex Vita Babenberg" as the Basic Law, from the year 802 a.C. in accordance with the "Renovatio  Imperii Carolus et  Henrici" from 801 a.C., the Declaration became the "Sovereign Dynasty Babenberg" with all the rights and duties of an original Subject of International Law and with corresponding Constitution as this in Legal Personality since 7th October 2013.

From now on, the Carls Council serves as a Parliament the sovereign personality founded by the Confederation of United Constitutions and Laws (BvVG).

As a Subject of International Law consisting of customary International Law (for more than 1.600 years), the value of Experience and the Security contained therein is of immeasurable knowledge. It was precisely this that required the Declaration by Diplomatic Statute on an international and International Law basis.

Opportunitiers through Sovereignty

With the constitution from the Family and Dynasty of Babenberg as a Subject of international Law, all the advantages of legal possibilities are created on international realities, which can be used in a variety of ways, and in this respect all possibilities are offered sustainably and with immediate effect.

Safety for all Areas and Stakeholders is the highest premise and is lived out of experience and overall substance.

This Security, which from now on exists on an international basis, represents in its entirety all legal entities available and used as the same as those of those collaterals.