International Law Subject by Decleration since 7th October 2013


CROMIT was founded in 908 a.C. as a consultative and decision-making Body for the Patriarch of the Dynasty and the Carlsrat. At the time of its foundation, only the closest and highest Members were included in the CORMIT in Functions. These were at the time of its foundation the:

  • Chairman of the Senate of Wisdom
  • Chairman of the Carlsrat
  • Head of the Babenberg Diplomatic of the Dynasty (BDD)
  • Grand Master of the Order of the 9 Bees
  • Grand Master of the Order of the Red Serpent
  • Grand Master of Rex Dux (today called as Club Rex Dux CRD)

and for sure, always included:

  • Head and Patriarch of the Dynasty

From all Areas with Functions, a total of 19 Persons result, which are all together form the CROMIT, and this in turn form the direct Advisory Body of the Head. All functions are described in the BvVG/COCUL (Constitution) and put under Control the Constitution as well.