International Law Subject by Decleration since 7th October 2013

The Parliament, Carls - Council & Carls - Council Parliament

The “Carl’s Council” was established in 764 A.D. and was established to aid then prince Carl (Charlemagne) and future king and emperor, and led by declaration to serve as both, family and imperial council up until 814 A.D.; from there on only as council for the Babenberg dynasty. 

The “Carl’s Council” still serves as the guardian of the “Lex Vita Babenberg”. It was also rules by declaration of enlargement but in its core it soley governs the internal affairs of the dynasty herself. As a result, it serves two functions simultaneously; being the CR (“Carl’s Council”) and the CR/P (“Carl’s Council Parliament”). 

In August of 2025 the first public elections will be held and the composition of the “Carl’s Council” will stand by election. This constitutes a whole new chapter in the history of this body.