International Law Subject by Decleration since 7th October 2013


The Sovereign Dynasty of Babenberg

The Sovereign Dynasty of Babenberg derives from a family that evolved into a dynasty whose origins can be traced back to around 414 A.D.. Historically the Babenberg’s have been known by many different, yet most prominent names. As the majority of the public as well as scholars are unaware of this, in recent years the decision has been made to make the entire history of the Babenberg Dynasty available to the public. 

In order to preserve essential humanitarian values in current times that are increasingly becoming more and more unstable, and such decline has been going on for decades already, it was so decided by the Carl’s Council (constituted in 765 A.D. as the internal parliament of the Babenberg’s) during the seventies of the last century, to employ new legal standards and to subjugate the dynasty under the conventions of international law!

On the basis of the “Lex Vita Babenberg”, constituting the basic set of guidelines and laws for all members of the dynasty (established in 802 A.D.), and in accordance with the “Renovatio Imperii Carolus et Henrici” (established in 801 A.D.) such declaration was proclaimed to establish the “Sovereign Dynasty of Babenberg” as a subject under international law, awarded all privileges and duties governed under these laws, and with its corresponding constitution she was established on the 7th of October, 2013. 

From now on the “Carl’s Council” will serve as the parliament that was founded by the Confederation of United Constitutions and Laws (BvVG).

As a subject under international law that has been consisting of Customary international law for more than 1,600 years, the very values, wisdom and security contained therein, is of immeasurable value. It was these properties that warranted the decision to write a declaration of diplomatic statue under the guidelines of international laws. 

Decleration to the Sovereign Dynasty of Babenberg by 7th October 2013

Decleration of Sovereignty by 7th October 2013

The declaration was internationally issued on the 7th of October, 2013. It required more than 30 years of preparation and was proclaimed as the “Declaration of the Sovereign Dynasty of Babenberg” – “Rem Publicam Declarare”!

This declaration was issued in conjunction with the diplomatic note “Memorandum Diplomaticae”. The period to create all necessary constitutions has been extended to Sept. 2025, allowing to being able to meet all safeguards and implementations, thus enabling the organization to act internationally as an entity subjugated under international law.

Customary international law arises from the declaration herself, together with sovereignty and independence. Independence and sovereignty are established by creating equality with any other subject under international law and is carried out as inherent.

The principle of universal international law seeks to uphold friendly relations and cooperation between all such subjects under the guidelines of the Statue of the United Nations as well as it addresses the Vienna Agreement in the sense of the sovereign equality of all peoples. 

Diplomatic Note to the Decleration of Sovereignty

The diplomatic note, known as the "Rem Publicam Declarare Memorandum Diplomaticae“, serves as a supplement and appendix as a reasoning for the “Declaration of the Sovereign Dynasty of Babenberg”. To award priority to this diplomatic statue, such as the declaration itself, it was essential to allow for the explanation to obtain sufficient space for its comprehensibility. 

This note outlines these areas below:

  • History, the dynasty herself & Activities
  • Explicit to the Diplomatic Note
  • Legal Situation
  • Lex Vita Babenberg and BvVG
  • Future Orientation
  • Finance and Economy
  • Final Execution

It does also give an overview of he contents of the Babenberg Archives, to show the exact lineage and antique history of the dynasty.

The chapter on the “Explicit to the Diplomatic Note” such as justice have deliberately been emphasized to clearly show that this organization will have a strong determination to forward knowledge & science, international security, human rights, culture and global peace.

Opportunitiers through Sovereignty

With the constitution of the family and “Dynasty of Babenberg” as a subject under international law all advantages and legal possibilities which are warranted to all international entities will be fully exploited and can be employed in a variety of ways and with immediate effect.

Safety in all areas and for all stakeholders is of the highest priority and is rooted in experience and overall substance. 

This security that is provided on an insertional basis to all legal entities and will be used as it is being done so by other entities.