International Law Subject by Decleration since 7th October 2013


The most important cooperation is between the "Family and Dynasty of Babenberg” and the “Sovereign Dynasty of Babenberg”: 


Agreement Dynasty with the Sovereign Dynasty of Babenberg

The declaration which has been passed on the 7th of October, 2013 has resulted in new challenges to assess its fitting and compare it to international legal standards. Among other things the so-called “Carl’s Council” is to be established as a democratic parliament and such decree was issued for it to be re-established by September of 2025. 

In addition, by proclamation and internal ratification the patriarch of the family shall receive double sovereignty, which is comparable with the pope and his relation to the Vatican State. This will establish the “Dynasty of Babenberg” as a constitutional monarchy in her own right under international law. This will also ensure that the Head of State will be able to chose his successor under the guidelines of international law; as it is so declared by the “Lex Vita Babenberg”, establishing the Head of State in a secure legal position.