International Law Subject by Decleration since 7th October 2013

Consist since 414 a.C. as the aristocrate Family and Dynasty of Babenberg (in all their different kind of using Names) through the time.
By the Decleration to the Sovereign and Independent International Law Subject made on 7th October 2013, the Dynasty of Babenberg converted to an International Law Subject to the Sovereign Dynasty of Babenberg.

The international Relation with other Nationen and International Law Subjects, as well as International Organisations, will be hold and get in new bilateral and multilateral Relations.


International Law Subject (since 7th October 2013)

Original Named:
Sovereign Dynasty of Babenberg

International Law Subject:
konstitutional Monarchy

Head and Sovereign of the Sovereign Dynasty of Babenberg:
Robert - Andreas Stephan
Prince and Duke of Babenberg - Babenberg

Legacy Law:

  • Found Contract to the CarlsRat written and legal with 764 AC
  • Renovatio Imperii Carolus et Henrici – Document of Carolus written and legal since 801 AC
  • Lex Vita Babenberg written and legal (as well as Constitution) since 802 AC
  • S - Constitution / United Law and Constitution written and legal since 2013 AC


Authorized Representative for the Babenberg Family and Group
Responsible for Content is the

Babenberg International Consulting

Babenberg International Consulting
Wollzeile 11
1010 Vienna
Telefon: +43 664 492 27 50


Sovereign Dynasty of Babenberg

Since 414 AC as Dynasty of Babenberg

Since 7th October 2013, with the Decleration of Sovereignty to the
Sovereign Dynasty of Babenberg and an International Law Subject

Decleration of Sovereignty (germ​an)

Decleration of Sovereignty (english)

Diplomatic Note to the Decleration of Sovereignty (german)

Diplomatic Note to the Decleration of Sovereignty (english)