Familiy and Dynasty of Babenberg

History of Family and Motives


With the first documentary Document from 414 a.C. the roots of the whole Family originate, with internal records leading up to the year 69 b.C., from the Orient to the former Area of southern France. In accordance with each time, the family acted appropriately, until the 8th Century a.C. the Family realized that a common appearance and action not only brought with it a more effective presence, but also a broad and safe Progression was determined. Through constant external influences, the Leadership of the Family decided to put the core of the Leadership on hold and to use the individual Lines (3 to this day) and Branches of the Family for their benefit and preservation. However, by individual and increased care to Keep the core of the Leadership in the background, as well as the overall correlation of the Family, due to the experience that external influences repeatedly wanted to cause division by means of various methods such as subordination. Thus the Family, the whole Family and their Empires managed to preserve the entire period - for example, the Roman Royal and Imperial dignity was rejected several times over time. To this day, the closest links to the European high Aristocracy exist. Thus, a broad and continuous, Administrative, and quite internal Legal Leadership culture and systematics has developed and maintained (reference to customary International Law).

Through the developments of the last 100 to 80 years, especially the last 40 years, Humanity is moving in a direction that can undermine this Structure and entireincomparable Culture as well as the wealth of Knowledge - among other Things and above all the Archives of the Dynasty with more than 10 million Exemplars/Copies - or even to decompose them by partially and various attempts at expropriation. The intentions go far beyond the desire for selfpreservation, how do the right to self determination already correspond in the sense of a People. Since, and especially by the direction of developments, they demand, as it were, to put the Knowledge, the Experiences, the Wisdoms, such as Historical Security and Competence at the Service of the People.

This Family thus gives this security and opportunity for a future with this declaration of a Sovereign Subject of International Law and makes this opportunity available to all those willing to participate.