Lex Vita Babenberg & Institutions, old Law and Senate of Wisdom

The unnamed treaty of the Families of Charles (King and later Emperor Charles) and those of Babenberg from 764 a.C., which served to support Charles in achieving his goals, obtained the Constitution of the Carls Council in 765 a.C., and is still considered to be the first impetus for the Lex Vita Babenberg. The Carls Council became a Member of the double Family and Imperial Council until 814 a.C., after which it served only the Babenberg Family.

The Carls Document itself from 801 a.C. as "Renovatio  Imperii Carolus et  Henrici" is the contractual founding document for the Lex Vita Babenberg and already included an independence clause.

The Lex Vita Babenberg become the House and Dynasty Law and in 802 a.C. finalized. As this, the Lex Vita Babenberg serves as the Legal Basis for all Areas of the Family and, of course, it has long been incorporated as a Constitutional Law. Originally, the Lex Vita Babenberg regulated the internal and external interests of the Family, especially externally in the sense to the Pope and Emperor and was the unification of all Institutions.

The original Institutions of the Family were the Bee Throne or only since the 6th Century also called the Lion Throne, which in turn was provided to the Lion Council,  which consisted exclusively of the Line Leaders, and was admitted in 802 a.C. into the Lex Vita Babenberg, as was equipped with still existing Rights and Foundations.

The Bee Throne is the oldest Family and Dynasty Body with the legitimacy of the Patriarch of  Dynasty so also as a Control and Security authority internally and externally. In 1949, it was constituted as the Council of Ratifications and Interests and has been the governing Council for the Carls Council as Parliament. The Carls Council has remained the guardian of the Lex Vita Babenberg to this day, and it is still an immutable Law, as it cannot be manipulated. Only by decisions and estates can adaptations be made.

 The Council as Senate of Wisdom is the advisory body of the Members who are automatically appointed from a certain age range. It is directly affiliated to the Carls Council.