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Agreement Dynasty with the Sovereign Dynasty of Babenberg

The Declaration from the Babenberg Dynasty to the Sovereign Babenberg Dynasty since 7th October 2013 resulted in legal situations that required a Legal as well as internal comparison. Thus, among other things, this was reconciled with the fact that by Declaration the family-internal Carls Council is constituted as the now public Carls Council Parliament (extended by decree, over a period until September 2025, by public elections). In addition, through Declaration and internal ratification, the Head of the Family also as Head of State receives double sovereignty, which is comparable to the Vatican and the Pope. This results from the declarative basic situation, since the Babenberg Dynasty, which now acts as a constitutional Monarchy under International Law, also is responsible for the Head of State in a hereditary capacity under International Law, both as Head of State, as well as a separate Subject of International Law, declared by the Lex Vita Babenberg, in order to obtain the basic position with regard to the legal person himself secured.